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About Us

Kevin and Cheri Comstock purchased the “Secesh Stage Stop” in August of 2013. The way they found the place is a great story.


Earlier in that year, Cheri and Kevin were traveling around Idaho on a three week trip, trying to stay at hot springs every night. They eventually booked a cabin at “Burgdorf Hot Springs” for two nights.

Our Story

After their first night's stay, Kevin and Cheri liked Burgdorf so much they decided to stay for another three days (five days total). On the third day Cheri stayed at the Hot Springs to relax while Kevin took a drive to explore the local area. Just by accident, he took a left on Warren Wagon Road. After a few miles, he saw the sign for “Secesh Meadows”.


Within minutes of entering the community of “Secesh Meadows”, Kevin knew that he wanted a cabin there. After exploring both sides of of the meadows and down Secesh River Rd, he rode back to “Burgdorf Hot Springs”. When he got back, Cheri asked him what he'd been up to all day? Kevin told her that he'd found this great place called “Secesh Meadows” and that we were going to buy a cabin there. Cheri asked if they were going to look for a place and his reply was "NO, we are going to buy a cabin in Secesh Meadows”.


The next day, he showed her around “Secesh Meadows”. Low and behold Cheri picked the same two places Kevin had picked out the day before. What is funny is that we have done that before in picking the same thing with out even talking about it.

With the help of Becky Johnstone the two were able to jump at the chance and purchase the “Secesh Stage Stop”. Our thanks goes out to Les Owsley and Becky Johnstone for helping us make our dream come true. We got our Cabin in the woods (Secesh Meadows). The bonus of the place is that we acquired the “Secesh Stage Stop” with it!

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